Finding Immigration Legal Services

Immigration legal services can be hard to access and difficult to find in time of need. In order to inform the community, we would like to remind folks that it is important to seek out qualified Immigration Attorneys for any questions regarding legal concerns.

From the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association – Oregon Chapter:

2018 CACO Khmer Student High School Scholarship

In the upcoming months, High School Seniors will be getting ready to find their paths into the world. Whatever path they choose, we applaud them and support them as a community.

2018 CACO High School Scholarship

For those who plan to go forward with their education – whether it be for a four-year, two-year degree, or certification, this year CACO will offer a scholarship by way of a $500.00 one-time award to those who have demonstrated a commitment to the Cambodian-American community in the United States and come from Cambodian heritage.

Student must answer (with max 1000 words) an essay regarding community service and diversity and two short essay questions (each 250 words max).

The post-secondary institution does not need to be Oregon or Washington-based.

Student must be:

1) intending to enroll in two- or  four-year degree program at a technical school, community college, or university

2) demonstrate financial need

3) must have graduated from High School in Oregon and SW Washington

Other factors considered are:

  • Graduates of a particular high school
  • The type of college where the award may be used (public, private, nonprofit, for-profit)
  • School can be In-state or anywhere in the United States
  • Demonstration of financial need is considered
  • Cumulative GPA
  • College Major
  • Activities
  • Active Demonstration of Community Service

Please submit the completed application form AND  

  • Your most recent High School Transcript,
  • One Letter of Recommendation from an educator, teacher, or school advisor
  • One Reference (different the author of Letter of Recommendation)

You may mail your application to:

Cambodian-American Community of Oregon

PO Box 233, Beaverton, OR 97057

Or Email Scanned/or PDF formatted applications to: 

Or Complete a Google Form (


Application Materials