CACO Khmer Language School is offering a 10-week Khmer language course for the 2024 school year to students ages 10 and above.

Duration: Saturday, March 30th, 2024 - Saturday, June 1st, 2024

Every Saturday: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM PST

Location: Online via Zoom

Admission: Free (Donations accepted)

Learning will primarily be focusing on listening and speaking with some basic writing of the Khmer language. Classes are open and suitable for age 10 and older with different Khmer language and background experiences.

Class size is LIMITED on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To register, all students must fill out the Google form below AND submit a Rights and Responsibility Form to khmer.school@cacoregon.org.

Our Language School
The Cambodian School is organized by a group of Cambodian teachers, parents, and volunteers from the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon (CACO). Our school, a program under the CACO, was established in 1998 with a small number of student participants, but it has been growing larger every year since its inception.  Today there is a variety of language and cultural classes to accommodate the level of students of different background and ages. Classes are taught by dedicated volunteer teachers and by various discipline experts selected from our community. All of our staffs are committed volunteers who expect nothing in return except for student’s dedication to learning the language and self-determination for success.  Our classrooms are small but with quality instructions. They are designed to help individuals, young or old, who want to succeed in learning Cambodian language and to understand its rich culture.
Mission & Goals
The primary goal of Cambodian school is to help preserve and promote Cambodian language and its rich cultural heritage.  We want to expose our language and our heritage to others.   By teaching the language, we can also help bridge the gap between our younger Cambodian-American generation and their elders with better communication and understanding of one another.  We believe learning about own language, culture and heritage will help individuals to better understand their identity and to take good pride in themselves. Our school is committed to delivering quality learning to read, write, and speak Cambodian language.  We promote fun experience in learning while fostering family and friendly atmosphere throughout school sessions and beyond.
Schedule of Classes
Rules & Procedures
  • Class Syllabus
    Will be provided in detail by class teachers
  • Class Size
    15 students or less for all levels
  • Attendance
    Attendance is important in learning language. Students must work their best attending school weekly.  Parents shall arrange their children to school according to school schedule. Call teacher or school office if students cannot make to class. Student must show up on time. Late or not showing up without calling the teacher may result in progressive disciplinary that may lead to dismissal.
  • Homework
    Assigned weekly. It is the student’s responsibility to make up their work with the teacher.
  • Tutoring
    Tutoring is available by contacting your teacher
  • Assessment Testing
    Mid-term and final
  • Grading
    Teen/adult level class will be graded. No grade will be given to junior classes.
  • Parent involvement
    School expects parents to help our students with learning, practicing, and with homework. Parents will be asked to help out with signing up for bringing snacks at least one per school  year.
  • Progressing Disciplinary Actions
    Attendance: due to accelerated learning schedule, student is expected to show up for class weekly, or he/she will be difficult to caching up with others. If student has to be absent, he/she shall notify and arrange for homework with the teacher. Progressive disciplinary action will be conducted as follows: 2 absences without notice -> verbal warning 3 absences without notice -> written warning 5 absences without notice -> dismissal
  • Teacher Appreciation
    All teachers are community volunteers with no compensation. Students and parents appreciate them very much for their knowledge, time, and devotion to teaching. At about mid-term, students and parents will have a day dedicated to their teachers. We call it "Teacher Appreciation Day". Students/parents are expected to show their gratitude toward their teachers in class.