Our Leadership

Executive Team

Mr. Sokho Eath, President

Ms. Tevy Chea, Treasurer 

Ms. Stephany Saing, Secretary

Mr. Evin Sam, CACO Camping Coordinator

Board of Directors

Mr. David Nhoung, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Larry Abramowitz

Ms. Sokpak Bhell

Mr. Chanly Bob

Mr. Stefan Saing

Ms. Melanie Lim

Mr. Michael Lim

Mr. Mike Mahoney

Mr. Mony Mao

Mr. Phal Nim

Ms. Sivheng Ung

Mr. Socheat Tauch

Ms. Coua Xiong

Ms. Vera Warren

Mr. Chankrisna Chea

Mr. Rano Saing


Col. Sonny Tan (Ret.)

Ms. Mardine Mao

Ms. Sophorn Cheang

Ms. Koann Tan

Ms. Angie Dilschneider

Ms. Chhunny Sok

Ms. Navi Ja

Mr. Kilong Ung

Ms. Phally Nim, CACO Khmer School Director

and countless other community members  (see link) in their most gracious dedication and leadership – including those who serve on our committees.

CACO is a 100% volunteer-based community organization. We are grateful to the dedication and commitment of our community leaders from across Oregon and S.W. Washington.

Interested in learning more about our Board of Directors or Community Leadership volunteer work?

Please contact us.